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High Thermal Insualtion

J-Thermalite provides thermal insulation many times better than the convetional concrete and clay bricks. The thermal conductivity (K) of a dry J-Thermalite block is about (0.11 - 0.14) w/m K. It considerably reduces use of tonns of air conditioning equipments and its accessories. Thus it reduces electricity consumption upto(50 to 70)% The superior thermal Insulation! A comfortable indoor environment.

Light Weight

With an approx, dry density of (480-550) kg/M3, which is only one thrird of the weight of an equivalent hollow concrete blocks and half of a light weight aggregate block, it reduces loads on concrete structure and foundation of a building substantially. This saves construction time and the total materials required for the construction of entire buildings.

Fire Resistance

A 10 cm think AAC Thermalite block provides 4 hours fire resistance and a 15 cm block provides 6 hours in accordance with BS-5628-3. This is approximately twice more than the normal concrete. Thus J-Thermalite is particularly suited for fire walls and fire protection of structural steel. J-Thermalite have been certified by UAE Ministry of Interior, Directorate of Civil Defence.

Sound Insulation & Absorption

J-Thermalite provides superior sound absorption and insulation, which largely depends on density and porosity. The aerated structure of J-Thermalite which consists of millions of very small-interconnected air cells, results in very low air porosity, which further gives high resistance to the passage of air borne sound relative to density.

Compressive Strength

J-Thermalite as an average compressive strenth of (28-35) Kg/ CM2 which is superior to most of the light weight blocks, 25% stronger than other product of same density.


It can be sawed, mailed and drilled easier than wood, by suitable tools available for this purpose. It results in less wastage and keep the site clean.

Durability & Dimension Stability

The AAC products have been in use since 1930 and since then, the production has spread to most parts of the world. The material has proved its durability and extremely different climatic and chemical conditions.The linear expansion coefficient of J-Thermalite is approximately 0.02%.

Higher Resistance to Air and Water Penetration

Because of the cellular and discontinues microstructure, the external surface of J-Thermalite walls provides the superior resistance to add and moisture penetration than the tradional masorry. J-Thermalite is manufactured from non-biodegradable materials, which does not rot nor attract mould, keeping interiors clean and durable.

Economical, Easier & Quicker to Install

J-Thermalite blocks are large in dimension and lighter than conventional blocks, hence can be installed at quicker rate. Blocks are laid flush utilizing thin joint motors thus reducing motor and plasterring cost and elemination thermal bridging.

Environment Friendly

No toxic substances less consumption, fuel and electricity, nominal wastage, during production and consumption, savings in electricity in large- all this advantages of J-Thermalite reduces environment pollution. It is an apt material growing demand of green-concept. Infact, where J-Thermalite is used, energy is saved.