Thermalite Insulation Calculations
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As per the Dubai Municipality Decree 77/2001 and based on the Technical Approval (Certificate# 2003-001) Al Jazeera obtained from Dubai Municipality for the Thermalite J2 category blocks to be used as Thermal insulating block, the external walls should be constructed using Thermalite J2 or Thermalite J1, manufactured by Al Jazeera Factory using Cement, lime and sand.
The basic specification of Jazeera-Thermalite J1 and J2 categories are given in Table 6.

R Value and U Value of Thermalite J1 and J2 block wall section of different thickness are shown in the Tables 7-9.

The calculations are made based on the above Technical Approval and Thermal Properties from the Wall and Roof description table of Dubai Municipality Building and Housing Dept. While Table 7 shows U Value calculation of 8" thick J1 type wall, Table 8 shows U Value of 8” thick J2 type wall.

Table 9 shows U Value calculation of both 10 & 12” thick J2 type wall

As per Dubai Municipality, the U value should be ≤ 0. 100 Btu/o F ft2.h

In summer external structural elements are subject to particularly great temperature fluctuations, In countries, where temperature rises as much as 70oc under sun, it can damage or degrade most of the insulation materials (e.g organic materials etc.) except AAC Thermalite Blocks. The entrained air in the cellular structure of Thermalite AAC gives the product excellent thermal insulation property. In most instances, the use of supplementary insulation can be avoided.

Thermalite Blocks have ten times insulating ability than the dense precast concrete. It has an excellent resistance to sunlight and high temperatures.

The illustration shows effectiveness of AAC Thermalite in controlling internal room temperature. In the given chart, the surface temperatures shown were measured over a 24 hour period on a 250 mm thick AAC wall facing west and painted black to raise its surface temperature. The chart describes considerable variation in the outside wall temperature while the inside wall temperature remained at a comfortable variation.