Technical Comparison
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All Al Jazeera AAC Thermalite Blocks, because of their closed cell structure, provide superior resistance to passage of water than all other traditional masonry products.
As shown in the graph, while tested on a 48 hours duration, all masonry products were fully saturated except the AAC Thermalite products, which was only 10% saturated
However, as common with all other masonry products, protective paint, on the external surface of wall exposed to climatic conditions, should be applied on AAC Thermalite walls as per standard specifications.

Thermal Comparison
AAC offers savings in various states of construction based on its application such as structural cost, construction cost of double leaf wall, energy saving interms of electricity consumption, reduces the cost of air conditioning equip. and asscoiated expenses etc. The following table shows how savings are achieved by using AAC Blocks
Technical comparison of 20 cm thick single skin Thermalite J2 wall with 30 cm thick cavity Hollow Concrete Block wall with polystyrene

The Results of Comparison

1. Approx. cost of AAC Thermalite Block wall is only 60 % of a Hollow Concrete Block cavity wall with polystyrene.
2. The weight of Thermalite Block wall is 30 % of the Double Layered Hollow Concrete Blocks with 5 cm insulation polystyrene foam.
3. Construction time of a single skin Thermalite Block wall is only half of Hollow Concrete Block cavity wall with 5 cm polystyrene.
4. Single skin wall provides more room space.
5. The cost and size of structural element is reduced while using single skin lightweight.
6. Strict control has to be applied while using Polystyrene as per BS and ASTM standards to meet the requirements of these standards in relation with Fire Resistance, Thermal Insulation Stability and Health.

Note : Also, 25 cm and 30 cm thick single skin AAC Thermalite wall provides higher thermal insulation than the above 30 cm cavity wall